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March Upstanding Students

We are excited to announce that the Upstanding Student winners at Cape Henlopen High School for the month of March are, Sean Powers and Mitchell Bunting!

Sean Powers is in ninth grade and was nominated by Mr. Collins and Ms. Mills. Sean is in math class with Mr. Collins and Ms. Mills this semester. Whenever seah is present in Cohort B days, he can be found going above and beyond to help his peers in the classroom. He serves as a leader in his cooperative learning group and always takes charge to ensure the task is completed. Sean always has a positive attitude and intrinsic motivation for his personal success. During days that he is remote, he is actively participating in the live zoom sessions. This young man makes such a positive impact on his fellow classmates at Cape Henlopen High School!  


Mitchell Bunting is an eleventh-grade student at Cape Henlopen High School and was nominated by Ms. Humes, Mrs. Bassett, and Ms. Rose. According to his teachers, Mitchell is "an absolute hoot!" He's a pleasure to have in class and has a great sense of humor, is so funny, nice, and personable to everyone. Mitchell is one of those students who it is impossible to ever be mad at! The three teachers who nominated Mitchell have dubbed him as a "day maker." He's the one who is always going to make your day with his wit, attitude, and work ethic!

Way to go Sean and Mitchell!