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H.O. Brittingham Holds Ceremonial Beam Signing

Cape Henlopen School District Board of Education joined the Director of Capital Projects and the Superintendent to hold a ceremonial beam signing at the new H.O. Brittingham Elementary School. The steel beam is located in what will be the media center at the school. Others in attendance to sign the beam was the Supervisor of Facilities, and both the Principal and Assistant Principal at H.O.Brittingham.


“We wanted to hold this ceremony as a way to recognize that we’re almost to the finish line with this project,” said Director of Capital Projects, Brian Bassett. “RY Johnson and Son has done an incredible job at keeping this building on track and ahead of schedule. We can’t wait to welcome students next fall.”


Although the beam will not be visible once construction is finished, the notes of encouragement and well wishes will forever be a part of the building. Principal of H.O. Brittingham, Ned Gladfelter signed the beam, “Educating the next generation of leaders,” and School Board Member Jason Bradley signed, “Here’s to many years ahead. Learn well ‘young scholars’”, a common phrase used by the late board member, Noble Prettyman who passed away in 2015.


“This is a nice way for us to commemorate this new building,” said Robert Fulton, Superintendent of Cape Henlopen School District. “Most of the folks that were here today to sign the beam, have played a huge part in the construction process, and will continue to make a positive impact on this school in years to come.” H.O. Brittingham Elementary School will open at the start of the 2018 school year.