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Cape High School Holds Challenge Day

This program uses highly interactive and energetic activities that provide teens and adults with the tools to break down walls of separation and isolation, and replace them with compassion. The program inspires students and staff to live, study and work in an environment of acceptance, love and respect.

The day begins with fun group activities and ends with students in small groups led by an adult team leader. In these groups, students have the ability to share their personal struggles and experiences in a safe environment. In addition, students begin to relate to different peer groups that they may not normally encounter in daily school life.

Greg Berman, CHHS Challenge Day co-coordinator, said, "Challenge Day is always a day full of emotions. It allows our students to recognize that they are not alone in many of the challenges they face in their lives. One of my students, who was adopted, found out that there are more students at Cape who are adopted than she ever realized. She was surprised and comforted to learn that she is not alone in being adopted. Little connections that students made with other students who they may not have known but now can relate to are priceless."

Emily Walls, CHHS Challenge Day co-coordinator, said, "It was really great to hear students saying they had the chance to get to know other students and better understand what their peers are going through in their lives. There was such a positive vibe at the end of the day; we hope to have that result in an even better school climate. "

Cape student Jenny Cox said, "It was sad and fun at the same time, but in the end it was inspirational."

Senior Tysun Hicks, who attended his first Challenge Day this year, said, "This day was completely life-changing for many of us. Due to participating, we all realized that we have similar struggles no matter where we are from. We learned a lot about each other, and this positively impacts how we will interact with each other in the future."

Challenge Day was funded by Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation through a grant from AT&T. This day is part of a larger effort at Cape High to instill a safe and caring learning environment for students.