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Two HOB Staff Members, and Two Community Partners Recognized

November 17, 2022, Lewes, DE –  The Cape Henlopen School District has revamped its Going the Extra Mile (GEM) award recognitions for the 2022-23 school year. Each month one school will be represented and will select two individuals to be recognized at the following month's Board of Education meeting. One individual must be an employee, while the second individual must be a substitute who has gone above and beyond for the school and its students. In addition to the school GEM winners, the District will also be recognizing two local businesses as Community Champions for the month. Community Champions are selected through the District’s Special Programs Department and will be chosen from the list of vocational sites that work with special needs students.

H.O. Brittingham Elementary School represented the month of September (recognized at the October meeting) and selected teacher, Stephanie Shuttleworth, and substitute Lisa Carter as their GEM winners. “Stephanie is an excellent leader in our school and always puts her students first,” said Kyle Bentley, H.O. Brittingham Principal. “The resilience and grit she has shown on a personal and professional level this school year are truly second to none.” Shuttleworth is often one of the first people to arrive at school and the last to leave, and she was recently commended by a parent for her excellent communication skills. A substitute, Lisa Carter, was also selected as a GEM. “Mrs. Carter has outstanding attention to detail and an exceptional commitment to ensuring that our students have a clean and safe learning environment,” continued Bentley. “She went above and beyond organizing a blanket drive and is a leader both in our school and our community, going the extra mile in everything she does.” Both Shuttleworth and Carter received a gift card donated on behalf of the Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation.

Dr. Eileen Baker, Supervisor of Special Programs, had the privilege of recognizing two local businesses as the Community Champions for the month of September. “Our high school students have been working at Crooked Hammock beginning in the 2015-16 school year,” said Dr. Baker. “Students work in various areas of the restaurant, including cleaning, dishwashing, stocking merchandise, and food prep. We are so grateful to have this partnership with them!” Also recognized at the October Board of Education meeting was Beebe Healthcare. “Our partnership with Beebe began 13 years ago,” continued Dr. Baker. Students first started working the Central Supply area, placing billing labels on materials such as IV bags, bandages, and other packaged consumables in the hospital. They’ve also assisted with putting isolation carts together and bags for new months in the maternity ward. “Once the staff at Beebe saw what an amazing job our students were doing in Central Supply, they were requested to help in other departments as well. Over the years, students have worked in the Sunshine Café, the employee cafeteria, Environmental Services, and Beebe’s Treasure Chest Thrift Shop. We are a proud partner with Beebe Healthcare and even more proud of the students that are now gainfully employed with Beebe.”