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Weighted Blankets Donated to Consortium Students

Two local groups, whose mission it is to give back whenever they can, recently worked with Cape Henlopen School District’s Sussex Consortium to provide weighted blankets for some of their students. It started shortly before the holidays when a member of the Delmarvalous Quilting Guild was researching weighted blankets and the benefits they provide the user. The question was then posed to the Occupational Therapy Department at the Sussex Consortium, which had previously found them extremely effective for some students in their program.


“The Occupational Therapy Department was able to provide information regarding the different sizes of the blankets, and the value the blankets have to students in the program,” said Gretchen Taylor, Secretary at the Sussex Consortium and a member of the Delmarvalous Quilting Guild. “The challenge was the cost associated with having multiple blankets made for the various locations. Between the Delmarvalous Quilters and the Coolspring Presbyterian Church group, we were up for the challenge!”


The Delmarvalous Quilters do a great amount of charity sewing including making comfort quilts for many organizations, tote bags for shelters and Quilts of Valor for servicemen and women.  The group offered to make blankets for the Sussex Consortium providing the fabric and woman-power, but their budget could not accommodate the cost of the weighted pellets.  Through a sequence of fortunate events, a substitute in the District connected the quilters with his men’s church group at Coolspring Presbyterian Church. The group offered to collect donations from members to purchase the weighted pellets for the blankets. After many hours of hard work and dedication, the two groups were able to create and provide a total of twelve blankets and shoulder wraps for students in the Sussex Consortium.


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