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Family Literacy Classes Held at Rehoboth Elementary

With amazing support from the community and school staff, Khara Bauer and Sue Lore hosted families for seven weeks to increase their skills in both English and Spanish.  The class focused on reading bilingual stories to create a culture of reading at home, enhance Spanish vocabulary for children and English vocabulary for parents.  There is a further ESL (English as a Second Language) component for parents to practice their English skills in real life scenarios as well as a family component for families to embrace their culture and relatives.  This year, Rehoboth Elementary’s class teamed with Jennifer Seabrook of the University of Delaware to offer families the fourth component of food and nutrition!  She joined our class and taught parents everything about food. Tops ranged from new recipes to how to shop on a budget, and ways to be healthy!  The school loved working with her and hope to continue the partnership in the future.  A huge congratulations go out to the participants and their families from both classes.