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Let's Get Active Club Has Fun With Fitness

Rehoboth Elementary School is one of nine schools in Delaware’s Cohort 12 that received a 21st Century Learning Grant for students to have access to enrichment activities outside of normal school hours. These activities aid students in being more successful inside the classroom.

Funded by the grant, the Rehoboth Empowers Dreams after-school program currently has eight different clubs for students to participate in during fall, winter and spring sessions. Each club has a different focus and includes a variety of topics ranging from cooking to music to working as a team.

The Let’s Get Active Club has a focus on getting students up and moving while learning about exercise and nutrition. Students participate in games and activities while challenging themselves to work with others.

“Let’s Get Active has been a RED club for five years, and we’ve been fortunate that we have had the opportunity to partner with groups and organizations within our community,” said Richard Lantz, club advisor. “This year we worked closely with Joy Ferguson at Built in Lewes, and have also worked with other local gyms in the past.” While visiting Built, students learned firsthand what it takes to run a fitness business, and also participated in a group physical activity. Red Ryan has also hosted the students at RISE Fitness.

“We want to be able to show the students how much fun fitness can be, and give them an idea of all the different ways they can be active on a regular basis,” said Kristine Wood, co-advisor to the Let’s Get Active club. “We hope to open up their minds about possible career choices dealing with health and fitness, and to show them the importance of staying active throughout their daily lives.”

Let’s Get Active students also traveled to Cape Henlopen State Park at the beginning of the school year, where they were able to jog the trails and climb the tower stairs as part of their afternoon workout. For more information, go to