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Love Creek Collect Pajamas for PJ Drive

Around the Thanksgiving Holiday, Susan Potter, a third-grade teacher at Love Creek Elementary School received an email from Scholastic Books advertising their Pajama Program, a pajama drive that encourages schools and classes to collect brand new pajamas for children. Scholastic then donates a book for each pair of pajamas that is collected. With the support and help from the Love Creek team of third-grade teachers and the kindness of the students and their families, 117 pairs of pajamas were collected this year! 

“Thousands of children will go to sleep tonight, unsure of what tomorrow will bring. Some may not know where they may be sleeping the next night, or who will be there at bedtime to tuck them in. Their lives are unpredictable.," Scholastic said in an email to Ms. Potter. "Pajama Program empowers families and caregivers by providing tools for bedtime so that children have the opportunity to awaken the next day, with energy to thrive. We support children from infancy to age 18 across the country who are affected by instability, whether they are living at home, in group homes, foster care or shelters," Scholastic continued. "Your gifts will help bring good nights for good days to children.  Thank you for thinking of the children of Pajama Program and supporting our mission!”