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H.O.B & CHHS Host Bots at the Beach

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, elementary and middle school students gathered inside Cape Henlopen High School gymnasium to participate in the first Bots at the Beach competition as part of the Vex IQ Challenge.  Various schools and independent groups were represented at the scrimmage. Teams from H.O. Brittingham Elementary, Long Neck Elementary, Georgetown Elementary, and John M. Clayton Elementary participated in the event. The middle school level teams included; Dark Side Robotics based out of Felton, DE, HyperTec based out of Salisbury, MD and Georgetown Middle School. 


This year’s challenge titled “Next Level”, was played on a 4’ x 8’ rectangular field. Two teams, with two drivers per team, worked as alliances in the 60-second Teamwork Challenge match in an effort to score as many points as possible. Individual teams also showcased their driving skills in the Robot Skills Challenge. There were two different divisions for this component of the competition; Driving Skills Matches, which is entirely driver controlled, and Programming Skills Matches, which is autonomous (coding) with limited human interaction.  The object of the challenge was to attain the highest score possible utilizing measures such as, stacking colored Hubs in Building Zones, removing Bonus Hubs from the Hanging Structure, and by Parking or Hanging the robot on the Hanging Bar. “This was the first time we’ve hosted an event like this,” said Ned Gladfelter, H.O.Brittingham Principal, and MC for Bots at the Beach. “Taking that into consideration, I don’t think it could have run more smoothly! Everyone had a great time and both the students, parents, and advisors seemed to really enjoy their day. These competitions are an excellent way for our students to share their talents with others.”


Out of the 22 teams that competed, ten teams made the finals and were then paired in five groups of alliances. H.O. Brittingham made up three of the six elementary schools in the finals and finished the day in second and third place.  “I couldn’t be more proud of each team and the hard work they put into their robots,” said Mark Morey, H.O. Brittingham teacher and adviser to the VEX club. “Our H.O.B students put in hours worth of work; designing, testing, and practicing their driving skills with their robots for this challenge. I’m very happy with not only how they did in the competition, but with their display of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day.”