• Cape Henlopen School District is proud to provide every K-12 student with an iPad so learning can continue beyond the classroom walls.  An iPad is a powerful tool for Cape students and their learning.  Taking care of an iPad is also an excellent opportunity for students to practice and demonstrate responsibility with a valuable learning tool.

    The Basics

    Students in Grades K-4 receive an iPad in a folio case, a charging block, and a cable.

    Students in Grades 5-12 receive an iPad in a keyboard case, a charging block, and a cable. 

    K-4 iPad

     5-12 iPad

    Student devices are replaced every 4 years, so a student receives a new iPad in Grade 1, then again in Grade 5, and then again in Grade 9.

Students are responsible for taking care of their District iPad.

  • This includes:

    Don't write or place stickers
    on the case.
    Clean iPad periodically
    with a cloth.

    Always store the iPad in a safe, dry, cool location.

    Always keep the iPad in school-issued cases.

    Keep the iPad charged and ready for learning.

    Be sure to review and agree to the Tech Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy (State AUP) by clicking on the iPads on your iPad.

    tech   AUP icon

What Happens If an iPad is Damaged?

  • Students who take care of the iPad, and return all equipment in good working order, use the school-issued iPad at no cost ($0).

    Sometimes, accidents do happen.  Cape Henlopen shares the repair cost on all District student devices, so families do not pay for the entire cost of repair.

    If a repair is needed, families will be responsible for a repair fee depending on the issue.

    Typical fees are:

    • Damaged iPad (or Screen) = $30
    • Damaged Cable or Block = $17
    • Replacement iPad Case for Grades K-4 = $30 
    • Replacement Keyboard Case (Gr. 5-12)= $75 
    • Replacement iPad (Lost/Stolen) = $299

    Optional insurance (covering loss/theft only) is available through Smart Tech. Click here for more information.

  • Student Conduct with iPads

    Connecting student devices to the Internet opens a world of learning possibilities.

    Students are expected to use devices in an appropriate manner, following classroom instruction. The school code of conduct shall be in force anytime district devices are being used. Families must complete the Student Technology Agreement on their students' iPads.

  • Content Filter & Monitoring

    The District makes every effort to filter inappropriate Internet content both at school and at home. We utilize a combination of built-in features on the iPad and a product called GoGuardian.

    Internet activity on student devices will be monitored and may be subject to review.