Grade Levels 6-12

  • Recording and Reporting of Assessments and Grades:

    Students will have between 9 and 20 grades per marking period. 

    All secondary grade books consist of two categories:

    • Progress Checks: 40% of grade
    • Common/Summative Assessments: 60% of grade

    Category #1: Progress Check 40%
    This category is for classwork, lab activities, group work, rubric-based activities, projects, presentations, etc. that are part of the learning process. 

    Category #2: Common/Summative Assessments 60%
    This category is for common assessments and culminating assignments such as unit tests, final projects, final versions of writing assignments, presentations, etc. These assessments are where students demonstrate their understanding and show success on the learning targets or goals that they have been working on.

    Each marking period, there must be at least three items in each category. 

    Grades are updated at least every two weeks for family communication purposes.

    Grading Scale

    A = 90 - 100
    B = 80 – 89
    C = 70 – 79
    D = 60 – 69
    F = 50 – 59
    NR (for missing assignments = 50 until converted to a numerical grade

    The minimum Grade is 50.