• American Rescue Plan funding is being utilized for purchases to supplement existing resources, and to add additional resources needed to fund initiatives related to COVID-19 learning losses.


  • The District has implemented a central registration department at the District office. Any family enrolling in Cape Henlopen should contact the District office rather than individual schools. 


  • Cape Henlopen has hired additional staff to assist with the full return to face-to-face learning. 

    We will continue to assess the needs of the students and staff as the school year begins and make any adaptations/additions needed to support our staff members on behalf of students. The District is continuing to recruit, interview and hire new staff.

    All new staff will be taking part in on-boarding sessions and new teacher planning during the month of August. 

    The District is again surveying our substitute teaching/working pool to determine how many are available. We continually hire new substitutes for teachers, para-educators, nurses, custodians, secretaries, school nutrition staff, etc.

    School Nutrition Staff
    District nutrition staff have been working and collaborating with school cafeteria staff to ensure all necessary food handling changes are implemented based on local public health guidance.


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