Dining & Gathering

  • We must work together to protect one another by vigilantly complying with effective mitigation measures such as wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing, effective hand washing/sanitizing, and staying home when sick.

    • The District plan includes the following options:
      • Students will use the serving lines and use distancing as they move through the lines. All students must know and use their lunch code this year.
      • All meals will be free to all students. Extra items can be purchased.
      • Grab-N-Go Breakfast and Lunch type meals that meet USDA standards
      • Flexibility for meals to be served in the eating environment, classrooms, pods, or other alternative sites depending on building capacity and social distancing requirements and/or to minimize student movement. Each building setup may vary based on a number of factors
      • Utilization of a meal pre-order protocol, to increase the efficiency in service and minimize interruption of the learning process
    • Training for staff in the use of PPE, cleaning products, and other items deemed necessary to keep the cafeteria environment as clean and safe as possible.
    • Training for staff in the food ordering/tracking process


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