Cleaning Protocols Before School Begins

  • The Cape Henlopen School District will:

    • Have all buildings cleaned and disinfected per CDC guidance and provide instruction to custodial staff on those guidelines;
    • Have all materials for cleaning and disinfecting ordered and will be ordering consistently, making sure supplies are available for each building;
    • Provide guidance to custodial staff for cleaning and disinfecting all core assets based on public health guidance;
    • Provide guidance to custodial staff on how and when to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces that include lights, doors, benches, bathrooms, etc.;
    • Provide all custodial staff information on any changes in recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines issued by CDC and OSHA via updates provided by the Department of Public Health (DPH);
    • Schedule trainings for all custodial staff on cleaning and disinfecting protocols and the various products that will be used;

Cleaning Protocols

    • Clean and disinfect consistently with the CDC guidance.
    • Ensure all libraries, computer labs, arts and other hands-on classrooms undergo appropriate cleaning and disinfecting.
    • Require coaches and/or Physical Education staff to clean and disinfect athletic equipment as per the DPH Youth Sports Guidance;


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