COVID-19 Information for Staff

  • All staff members will participate in COVID-19 testing throughout the year, as well as take part in daily Self-Screenings and ongoing monitoring of symptoms. In addition, facial coverings will be required of all staff members and social distancing measures will be in effect.  Face Shields (worn along with a mask) will also be available for those teachers that desire to wear them.  

    COVID-19 Testing for School Staff

    Prior to the start of the school year all staff have been strongly recommended to participate in COVID-19 testing.  All staff members will be given the opportunity to participate in free testing throughout the year from the comfort of their homes.  Staff members will receive a URL to request a test kit online. The test kits will be sent to homes. After collecting a saliva sample, the tube is returned to the lab via the closest UPS.  Results will be sent within 72 hours.  The specific details about the entire process can be found on the attached document (see PDF attached - “School Staff Testing Information”).

    For those of you that are visual learners, you can view this short video to learn more about the process. 


    Click here to view the School Staff COVID-19 Testing Information.

    Daily Health Assessment Screeners

    All staff will be asked to self-assess their symptoms on a daily basis using the COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool (see PDF attached – “COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool”).  If you respond “Yes” to any of the symptoms on the health screener, you are not to report to work.  Instead, follow the guidelines on the Process Map to help you decide how to respond.

    Click here for the COVID-19 Self Screening Tool. 

    Process Maps

    In the event that there is a positive case, a Process Map has been developed for employees and students so all school personnel will know how to respond to a variety of scenarios.  Follow this link to view the Process Maps (the first page is for Employees and the second page is for Students):

    Click here for the Revised COVID-19 Process Map for Staff and Students (English)

    Click here for the Revised COVID-19 Process Map for Staff and Students (Spanish)