PeachJar General Information

  • As part of our continued efforts to be environmentally friendly, embrace innovative technology, and maintain fiscal responsibility we will continue to utilize the electronic flyer delivery system through the service provider, PeachJar. 

    PeachJar Logo

    Paper flyers and handouts that were previously sent home with students will continue to be sent electronically to your email address on file with the District. These flyers can also be viewed by clicking on the Peachjar logo above, the logo on the District homepage and on each of the school's homepages. 

    This system is used exclusively for distribution of school and District approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose. This "green" initiative will continue to help us save paper, reduce costs and save staff time. 

Profit & Non-Profit Organization Flyers

  • For-Profit Businesses

    Requests coming from for-profit companies generally are declined both at the school and District level, however, some exceptions will be made if the materials offer student enrichment opportunities such as participation in sports teams, after-school programs or camps. (see below for more information on such programs)

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Activities sponsored by non-profits that benefit children in the District usually are accepted. These include items such as performing arts programs, charitable fundraisers where the proceeds go toward youth programs and athletic programs. It is the organization's responsibility to access PeachJar to Upload copies of the flyers to be distributed. 

    Camps, after-school and other programs not affiliated with the School District

    We understand that many for-profit and non-profit organizations offer a range of activities for our students to participate; however, for-profit organizations may not distribute materials to solicit customers. The exception to this would be a non-profit organization such as Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware, and YMCA.  All materials must offer student or parent enrichment opportunities. 

    For more information on Flyer Requirements and instructions on how to upload your flyer to PeachJar, click here. 

Parent Organization (PTO) Flyers

  • Your school's designated PeachJar School Uploader can upload and distribute flyers to the individual school's parents and staff. You can send your flyers to the School Site Uploader for distribution. Please reach out to the school Secretary to find out who the School Uploader is.  

    If you would like your PTO flyer distributed District-wide to parents and/or staff, please contact the Communications Coordinator, Stephanie DeMalto at