2023-24 CHHS College Visits


Cape Scholarship Compendium

Scholarship Opportunities

Financial Aid Information

  • Stand by Me Delaware (partners with the DE Department of Education)

    Stand by Me Offers three college funding programs:

    1. FAFSA Completion Zoom Assistance - Need FAFSA help? Register for one-on-one help. 
    2. Paying for College - Zoom presentation
    3. Scholarships - Zoom Presentation

    Class of 2024 - FAFSA Help Workshops at CHHS: hosted by Stand by Me Delaware

    FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid (financial assistance (loans or grants) for college or trade school)

    >>Note: Please create your FSA ID before the workshop – this takes about 15 minutes to complete but up to 3 days to process!

    1/9/24 – 6PM – 8PM - Location: CHHS B108 – Business classroom
    1/24/24 – 9AM – 11AM – Location: TBD
    2/8/24 – 6PM – 8PM - Location: CHHS B108 – Business classroom
    2/15/24 – 9AM – 11AM – Location: TBD
    3/6/24 – 6PM – 8PM - Location: CHHS B108 – Business classroom
    3/12/24 – 9AM – 11AM – Location: TBD


    Delaware Student Success

    College Board Financial Aid Checklist

    Steps to Creating an FSA ID
    This is the FAFSA application form that needs to be completed to be eligible for federal, state, or college financial aid. The application opens in December. 

    CSS Profile
    Some colleges require this application in addition to the FAFSA application.

Additional College Resources