Meet our Superintendent



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert Fulton

I am extremely proud to be the Superintendent of the Cape Henlopen School District and to live in and be part of the “Cape community.”

Our community is extremely supportive of education, understands the importance of a quality education, and believes that a strong public school system strengthens the entire community and improves the standard of living for everyone.

Since beginning my teaching career at Cape twenty-three years ago, one belief stands out to me as the driving force behind everything we do at Cape: High Expectations. I have high expectations for our district as a whole, and in turn those expectations are felt and supported by our staff and ultimately realized by the performance of our students.

Over the past several years, I have been excited and encouraged by the performance of our students, not only in the classroom, but on the stage, on the fields, in the gym, and in the community. Our accomplishments are not isolated to one school, one grade level, or a particular sport or program, but realized by all of our schools in various programs and sports in all grade levels.

We have consistently scored well on our state assessment compared to other districts in the state. We had the highest percentage of students reaching the college readiness standard on last year SATs, given to all eleventh grade students. Our athletic teams have led the way in the state with several conference and state championships. Our performing arts programs are second to none and attract many families to choose Cape when making a middle school or high school decision for their children. And we have a multitude of other programs and opportunities for students that make them more successful in college or a career of their choice.

The most exciting aspect of being the Superintendent of the Cape Henlopen School District is that our potential is limitless. We have just begun, and we will always strive to be better, regardless of the results of our test scores or other accomplishments outside of the classroom.

My message is clear. I want to become the district of choice for the State of Delaware and beyond, and I want every student, staff member, parent, and community member to be PROUD to live and work in the Cape Henlopen School District.