Safety practices and protocols are implemented at each of our schools and provide an organized, coordinated, and common-sense approach when working through any emergencies that arise. There is a District Safety Committee in place that consists of District and school administrators, Board of Education members, and the School Resource Officers. The committee meets regularly to review the practices and protocols that have been developed. Within each school there are a variety of drills that take place throughout the year to ensure our practices are current and so that participants have an understanding of how to respond to various crisis situations. Our school administrators are trained in crisis management and review emergency operation protocols regularly. The District has also utilized Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) trainings for prevention and response techniques and has provided this information to staff as part of professional development meetings. 


  • Doors

    All building doors are locked during the school day. All exterior doors lock automatically when closed and building staff check each exterior door constantly. 


    Visitors must enter at a central location at each building before being granted access to the hallways. Upon entering, they must show identification and receive a time-sensitive visitor badge that must be worn while on school grounds. 


    Staff are vigilant in monitoring guests as they walk the halls of our buildings. We require our staff to wear a school issued identification badge at all times and to address anyone without a District authorized badge.

Mental Health Resources

  • The District's mental health team addresses the social/emotional and mental health needs of our District. The social-emotional wellbeing of all students is a priority in Cape Henlopen.

    Support available to students includes opportunities for mental health screenings, connection surveys, restorative practices, support groups, problem solving teams with teachers and families, targeted plans based on intense or complex needs of the student, referrals to counseling agencies (if necessary), and access to a School Counselor, Social Worker, Family Crisis Therapist or Behavioral Health Consultant. 

    Staff wellbeing is also an integral part of the success of our District and the students. Not only will staff be trained to help screen for the social/emotional wellbeing of students, but they will receive information and tools for their own wellbeing. The District has partnered with the state's Employee Assistance Program to offer services in areas such as mental health, financial planning, connection to community services, etc.  

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