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1:1 Initiative Strategic Planning

  • The Cape Henlopen School District's technology vision is to provide a personalized learning environment that prepares all learners for an increasingly global and digital world.   We believe that today's learners need to be creative, innovative, and skillful in the use of technologies to work, live and contribute to the social and civic fabric of their communities.  To fulfill this vision, staff, students and our community members must embrace educationally sound, emerging technologies as they become available to support best practices and the educational mission of the Cape Henlopen School District. We are committed to the ongoing development of engaging, interdisciplinary learning environments that embrace the use of technology to support the educational goals of the schools within our district.  Our goals are targeted to transform teaching and learning through effective communication and collaboration, digital literacy, higher-order thinking,  continuous and self -directed authentic learning and empowering learners to become responsible citizens.  We believe that technology and appropriate use of social media will better connect our schools, families, and communities. 

    After extensive research, review and several successful pilot programs throughout our district, including Algebra and AP Calculus,  the district technology leadership team concluded that the iPad is the best device to prepare our learners for 21-century colleges and careers.  We believe the following factors will contribute to successful deployment and implementation- Visionary Leadership: mission and vision, strategic planning, funding and finance, qualitative and quantitative measures of success, Innovative Teaching and Learning:  content and instructional practices, professional development, digital literacy and citizenship, Infrastructure: IT considerations, deployment, and Community Engagement.

    A vanguard team of lead teachers from Cape Henlopen High School was established to develop a strategic plan for successful implementation. Learning management systems were evaluated and Schoology was selected as a consistent method for workflow on the iPads schoolwide.
    A CBL (Challenge Based Learning) approach was followed to form focus groups in planning for content and instructional practices, professional development, measuring success and engaging the community.   Professional development opportunities were designed and implemented for staff during the 2014-2015 school year.

    Our IT department is using a Mobile Device Management System, along with Apple Configurator to manage all devices for security and safety and remotely handle updates, tracking, and the distribution of educational apps. Apple's Volume Voucher program is being utilized for discounted volume purchases of apps and distribution.  This past summer, our wireless network was upgraded to support multiple devices securely on the state's K-12 network.  All iPads were inventoried with asset tags, secured in durable cases, and configured with age-appropriate restricted profiles for safe and secure student use.