School Locator and Feeder Patterns

  • If you are new to the District or unsure what schools serve your home, the link below can help you determine the school feeder pattern your child(ren) will follow. 

    The link below to the Locator is typically used for parents applying for School Choice. However, it also allows you to see where students will attend school for the current school year (2023-24), and next school year (2024-25).

    To access the Locator, click here.

    Please keep in mind that at this time, the link above does not reflect changes that will be made to the elementary enrollment areas for the 2024-25 school year and will not be updated with those changes until next year. It does include the new Frederick D. Thomas Middle School. 

    The DOE School Locator, found in other locations on our website, only shows the current school year (2023-24) feeder pattern and does not include the next school year (2024-25).