Reading Skills and Habit Development

  • The resources below are provided in conjunction with the American Reading Company, Cape Henlopen School Districts K-12 high-quality instructional materials for reading and language arts.

    In this phase, readers learn an increased number of letter sounds and use partial cues such as first and last letters to read and write words, even if they do not read the whole word correctly. They begin to analyze which letters signal which speech sounds in the "Power Words" they are learning.

    Positive Reading Habits to Develop for Students Beginning Kindergarten
    Students will work on these skills within the first few weeks of kindergarten. While it's helpful for them to develop these skills ahead of time, it is not necessary to be able to do everything on this list prior to the start of their kindergarten year. 

    1. Read "Power Words" at Flash Speed (Words are listed below and available for download)
    2. When I come to a word I don't know, I slide through all the sounds I know, starting with the first letter sound.
    3. Stop if something doesn't make sense and try again.
    4. Reread when I'm stuck.
    5. Tell someone what the book was about and how I know.
    6. Hear words that do and do not rhyme (cat/fat; cat/dog).
    7. Read by myself for 15 minutes without getting tired.
    8. Read at home for at least 30 minutes every night.

Student Can Make the First Letter Sound for all Consonants

Student Can Make the First Letter Sound for all Consonants

Power Words for the Beginning of Kindergarten