Practitioners Documentation Checklist

  • Service Ticket

    Excel Daily Log file that is available below for each discipline. If you request assistance from your local cost recovery specialist, please do so at the beginning of each school year.

    • Student's birth name and six-digit Student ID number
    • Service description
    • Time in minutes of direct service
    • Live or electronic signature
    • 3-point date (mm/dd/yy)

    Treatment Plan or IEP (Related Services)

    • Level of service and frequency (e.g., Speech Therapy, Individual, 2 x 30 minutes each/week)
    • Goals and objectives with 3-point dates (mm/dd/yy)
    • Full Signature (your full signature as a meeting participant or on each of your goals and objectives pages)
    • A progress note is required approximately every six months or at a reasonable interval to document the student's progress and the continuing need for service. Quarterly progress reporting in IEP Plus is acceptable when dated and signed by the provider.
    • Monthly case notes (may be written on service ticket) noting what therapy is provided.  Session notes are an acceptable alternative.
    • Full assessment tests, evaluation, and diagnosis - in each discipline every three years (Medicaid Requirement)
    • Annual Re-Evaluation test with narrative or narrative only - for those years when a full assessment is not completed.
    • Referral by a licensed physician is required annually for physical therapy.