Nursing Services

  • Early Periodic and Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT)
    To generate any claim for Medicaid reimbursement the service provided must have been medically necessary and identified in the student’s IEP as a medically necessary service, that is:

    • "...reasonably calculated to prevent, diagnose, correct, cure, alleviate or prevent the worsening of conditions that endanger life, or cause suffering or pain, or result in illness or infirmity, or threaten to cause or aggravate a handicap, or cause deformity or malfunction, and there is no other equally effective more conservative or substantially less costly course of treatment available or suitable for the eligible client requesting the service."

    Nursing Service Description: Assessment

    • EPSDT Partial Assessment: Health Education
    • EPSDT Partial Assessment: Immunization
    • EPSDT Assessment: Hearing
    • EPSDT Assessment: Vision
    • EPSDT Partial Assessment: Developmental/Orthopedic
    • ESPDT Assessment: Dental

    Nursing Service Description: Counseling Therapy

    • Individual Counseling Treatment
    • Group Counseling Treatment
    • Family Counseling Treatment
    • Individual Counseling Co-Treatment
    • Group Counseling Co-Treatment
    • Family Counseling Co-Treatment
    • Case Consultation

    All reports (Assessment screens) will be printed from Data Service Center at the beginning of the month for the previous month's assessments. If you do not have all your screens entered in Data Service Center you should notify your local cost recovery specialist as soon as possible. 

    If you have any students in your building that have nursing services as part of their IEP you should forward their names to your local cost recovery specialist. Questions regarding cost recovery should be directed to your local cost recovery specialist.