CAP Program Information

  • Course Description

    CAP is designed to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of highly able learners by providing opportunities for exploration within the subject areas of Math and/or ELA. We will question the “why” and “how” of Math & ELA content.

    Course Objectives

    Students will participate in learning opportunities that require them to utilize creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Students will develop habits, attitudes, and the inspiration needed to become self-directed, independent life-long learners and leaders.


    Expected absences: students are allowed 1 day/day missed to submit work with no penalty. Unexpected absences: students are allowed 2 days/day missed to submit work with no penalty.

    Late Work Policy

    Late assignments can be submitted for partial credit within the marking period it was assigned.

    Assignment Policy

    Students are responsible for keeping track of assignments for each class. Students are required to show work on ALL math assignments. Assignments without work shown may be returned for the student to complete with the potential for points deducted.

    Reading Policy

    For ELA, students are expected to read AT LEAST 30 minutes each night. Some texts may contain sensitive material that will be discussed in class. If additional questions or concerns arise, students may want to discuss with the teacher or at home. Independent reading books are at the discretion of parents/guardians and should be reviewed with the student at home prior to reading.


    Students should contact the teacher via Schoology with any class concerns. Communication directly from students to teachers is encouraged in order to foster self-advocacy and responsibility. Parent/guardians who request phone communication can e-mail the teacher and she will call at her earliest convenience.

    Classroom Conduct

    Respect Agreements will be discussed and agreed upon in class. Students are expected to follow the School Code of Conduct.