Transportation Guiding Principles

    • The District will conduct transportation activities that are consistent with CDC guidelines.
    • By federal mandate, students and school staff must wear acceptable face masks at all times on school buses (e.g., entering, exiting, and seated) and should maintain appropriate social distancing to the extent possible.
    • Parents and legal guardians are encouraged to drive or walk students to school and home to reduce density on buses.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Buses and other transportation vehicles will be cleaned daily (focus on high touch areas).
    • Disinfecting will occur anytime a positive case or suspected positive case has been reported for the bus.

Daily Cleaning

    • All trash removed
    • Floors swept and dust mopped
    • High Touch Surfaces wiped
    • Bus seats and seat backs
      • Seat belts (if applicable)
      • Door handles, handrails
      • Driver operator area
    • Cleaning and disinfecting products approved by the EPA will be used according to instructions.
    • Eating and drinking are prohibited on the bus.
    • Supervisory staff will inspect buses to ensure cleaning/disinfecting protocols are followed on district-owned and contracted buses.
    • All cleanings/inspections will be documented on a daily basis. Failure to log this information and track it will be reportable offenses.

Transportation Communication

    • CHSD will emphasize to parents and students prior to reopening schools that the District has thoroughly cleaned all buses and student transportation vehicles.
    • CHSD will communicate with parents and students that student transportation vehicles are included in the district’s COVID-19 plans and what part students and parents will play in ensuring safety and minimizing infection while utilizing District transportation services.
    • Advise parents not to send their children to school or board the bus if sick or with an elevated temperature.

Bus Protocols for a Reportable Case of COVID-19 on a School Bus

  • When an alleged case of COVID-19 on a school bus is reported, District’s COVID Coordinator will be notified. Contact tracing will be performed and DPH will be notified. Per DPH, the District will notify staff and parents of any persons needing to quarantine.

Students on Transportation

    • For the Health and Safety of everyone, all parents/guardians will be required to ensure their child/children are not experiencing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and do not have a fever prior to them boarding their method of transportation to school.
    • Students MUST sit in assigned seats. Children from the household will be seated together.
    • Students will socially distance to the extent possible on the bus.
    • Students must wear a mask on a school bus.
      • Students who do not have a mask can NOT be denied transportation.
      • Students are encouraged to have their own face masks, those who do not have masks must be provided one by the district as they enter the school bus.

Loading/Unloading & Pick-Up/Drop-Off

    • Students shall be loaded in sequential route order. The first student on the bus sits in the back when going to school. The last student off the bus will sit in the back of the bus when going home from school.
    • Adjustments will be made by buildings:
      • For unloading and entry, and loading and departure
      • Route timing which will be affected by delayed loading/unloading processes

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