Face Masks

  • To meet the requirements of the emergency regulation currently in place and to ensure the safety of the students and staff members in each building, we will require all students and employees to wear face masks to school each day.  This regulation applies to all times students are present in the building. Fully vaccinated staff have the option to remove masks when students are not present. Staff members who are alone in an office or alone in their classroom may also remove the mask. Masks are not required when outside. Mask details in their entirety can be found in the State of Delaware Emergency Order, effective on August 15, 2021, and linked here. Specific guidance on the types of face masks that can be worn will be distributed to all members of our school community. 

    In order for everyone to understand the importance of face masks and how to wear and care for them effectively, all staff members and students will take part in training sessions regarding the use of face masks for optimal safety, as well as cleaning and other protocols. 

    Face masks will be considered student attire and must adhere to the Cape Henlopen School District’s student dress code.

    For the specific face mask standards for students and staff please click here. - English


  • Handwashing campaigns will take place in the buildings to ensure that all students and staff understand the importance of washing hands frequently with soap and water.  Videos and model demonstrations will be made available as well as common signage and resources so that a consistent message is being relayed in each of the schools.  Hand sanitizer will be available and is to be used by all students, but is to be done in addition to frequent hand washing. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for hand washing.

Health Screenings

  • Each day prior to the start of school every staff member and every family will be asked to complete a Health Assessment Self-Screening Tool based upon guidance from the Division of Public Health (see screening tools in Appendix A). The Health Screening tool will contain the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and those completing the tool will be able to respond “Yes” or “No”. If anyone answers “Yes” to any of the questions, they should not report to the school building that day and they should contact the school office to let them know, as well as their healthcare provider.  This will begin a process to help us identify any potential positive cases and help monitor the spread of the disease within our community.

    All staff members and families will be educated about COVID-19 symptoms and the Health Assessment Self-Screening tools prior to the first day of school. 

    If a staff member or student is found to be positive, the District will complete contact tracing and contact the Division of Public Health (DPH) to report the case and determine appropriate isolations and quarantines.  Various scenarios have been developed and a process map has been created for each scenario to help the district respond in a consistent manner.  Parents should be aware of our “Prompt Pick-Up Notice” that will be in effect for any student that is exhibiting symptoms during the school day (Appendix B).

    COVID prevention education will also take place in all of our school buildings that will focus on positive health behaviors, such as:

    • Promoting Vaccines
    • Face masks
    • Physical Distancing
    • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette
    • Staying home when sick and getting tested


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