Science Teachers

Name Email Phone Ext. Room Number
Alex Hense 267250 D207
Alexis Pascual 267374
Carrie Evick (Department Co-Chair) 267235 J218
Cheryl Cannon 267216 D214
Kevin Gerardi 267243 D204
Louis Pires 267350 D210
Maryann Tietbohl 267297
Patrick Kilby 267261 D208
Priscilla Coolbaugh 267232
Rachael Smith 267338 J216
Rachel Peacock 267283 D203
Robert Harrod 267248 J220
Stephanie Halter 267361 D104
William Geppert 267242 D213

Science Courses

  • Biology

  • Honors Biology

  • Physical Science

  • Honors Physical Science

  • Chemistry

  • Honors Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Honors Physics

  • Earth & Space Science

  • Marine Science

  • DTCC BIO 110: Essentials of Anatomy

Advanced Placement Science Courses

  • These AP courses are equivalent to a two-semester introductory college course taken by students majoring in biological science, chemistry, engineering, or physics and targets students who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in science, biological science, medicine, or engineering. These courses use college-level 
    textbooks, includes a greater range and depth of topics covered at a faster pace of instruction, involves more sophisticated lab work and require more time and effort from students. The ability to succeed in AP Biology, AP Chemistry, or AP Physics gives students the confidence and a knowledge base to be successful in future science classes. These courses have been approved by the College Board. Summer work in preparation for the school year is required for these courses.

  • AP Physics

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Biology

  • AP Environmental Science