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6th Grade Math/ELA

  • Grading Policies

    Students and families are encouraged to regularly monitor grades using Home Access. Home Access username and passwords can be obtained from the main office. Please note that grades on Schoology do not always accurately reflect final grade calculations.


    10% - Homework
    25% - Classwork
    30% - Minor Grades
    35% - Major Grades

    Late and Absent Work

    • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain work missed when absent and to inform the teacher when assignments are turned in late. Late assignments can be submitted for half credit within two weeks of the original date. 
    • Expected absences: students will be allowed 1 day/day missed with no penalty
    • Unexpected absences: students will be allowed 2 days/day missed with no penalty

    Rules and Procedures


    • Students are responsible for keeping track of assignments for each class. Homework may consist of completing unfinished classwork, reading assignments, and/or ongoing projects. 
    • IMPORTANT MATH POLICY: Students are required to show work on ALL math assignments (classwork/homework/assessments/etc.). If work is not included, the assignment may be returned to the student for them to complete with the potential for points deducted. 


    • Students should contact the teacher via Schoology regarding any class concerns. Student-teacher communication is encouraged in order to foster self-advocacy and responsibility. 
    • Guardians who request phone communication can email the teacher, and she will call at her earliest convenience. 
    • Some readings for ELA may contain sensitive material that will be discussed in class. If additional questions or concerns arise regarding the readings, students may want to discuss with the teacher or at home. 
    • Mutual flexibility and grace will be key to this year's unique learning environment. 


    • Students will be expected to follow the School Code of Conduct.
    • Students will be expected to actively participate in class virtually/in-person Monday-Friday as appropriate for that student's placement. 


    Click here to download the above Policies for Beacon/Mariner CAP Math & ELA.