Reading Resources

  • Parents should read to their child 30-60 minutes every day. Once you have finished reading, be sure to ask questions about the story and talk about the various aspects of the book.

Math Resources

  • Opportunities for math are all around. Use household objects to work on counting and sorting. Try to identify the shapes that they see in everyday life. Also, board games are a great way to stay sharp in math.

Motor Skills and Movement

  • Drawing, coloring, cutting, crafting, all fantastic ways to engage your child in fine-motor practice. Additionally, students should be encouraged to run, sing, dance, and play in order to keep active and healthy.

Social/Emotional Self Care

  • ​While we are attempting to avoid large gatherings and the spreading of germs, it is important to limit screen time, get out of the house, get fresh air, and play positively with other children.