Starting your day

Reading Resources

  • We work hard to build our culture of reading every day in Cape.  We suggest 30-60 minutes of reading every day. If you are already reading a book for your class, feel free to continue reading it or pick something from your home library.

    Grade 6-8 students can also read from the ARC BookShelf

    Please assist your student in reading a book from your home library or you can access the digital ARC BookShelf by clicking here. You will need your Student's ID number to login.

    Books are leveled by reading levels identified by color.  Your student should know what color-level at which they read 

    Struggling to login to Clever? Check out these directions.

    If you would like some more reading resources, please check out the free Scholastic Learn At Home website. There will be a new article posted every day for Grade Levels 6+

    Click here to access Scholastic Learn At Home articles

Math Resources

Writing Resources

  • Write a journal entry.  You can summarize what you read about today or what you learned in Math.  If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve assembled a list of 50 journal prompts to get your student writing.

    50 Journal Prompt Ideas

Science Resources

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day is coming up on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Check out the link below for PBS Learning Activities related to our universe!

    Bringing the Universe to America's Classroom

    Weather Whys

    Stratus, cirrus, and cumulus clouds, jet streams, cold and warm fronts, atmospheric and barometric pressure. We hear and see those terms all of the time. But what exactly do they all mean? With Weather Whys, learn about weather and science from Delmarva's local experts: the meteorologists with WBOC and WRDE.  

    Click here to access the full schedule for Weather Whys!

Other Activities

  • Click here for Hour of Code activities for grades 6-12!

    Freeman Stage - Dose of the Arts Activities

    Take a look at the list below and choose an activity you can do together:

    • Work on a craft or piece of art
    • Play a board game with a family member (Checkers, Chess, Monopoly)
    • Build something with Legos, blocks, or any materials you have
    • Take a walk in your backyard and take some pictures of nature
    • Draw a blueprint/floorplan of your room/house
    • Put together a puzzle
    • Design some paper airplanes and see whose can fly the farthest (measure it)
    • Make a map of the board/world of your favorite video game