2024 Referendum Calculator

  • This rate increase is based on assessed property value, not market value.

    To find your assessed value, please reference your tax bill. Input the value listed under "Assessed Value" from your bill into the form below (Commas and decimals can be ignored). After inputting your assessed property value, click the "Calculate My Tax Impact" button and your results will appear in the annual and monthly increase fields.

    You can access your tax bill by using the search feature on Sussex County's Property Tax website. 

    Total Referendum Request

    • A rate increase of .55¢ per $100 assessed property value.
      • .214¢ for the debt service increase
      • .335¢ for the current expense increase


    *When inputting your assessed value in the tax calculator below, do not use any commas.

Video Tutorial - Tax Calculator

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Monthly Tax Increase: $

Annual Tax Increase: $   

Note: Tax shown is the increase over your current tax amount.