Video Engineering

  • Course Requirements

    All Career Technology Education Pathways require the completion of three consecutive classes. Since video production requires time outside of the traditional classroom, students should be aware that these classes will require additional time outside of the classroom in order to complete projects.

    Grading Policies

    Your grade in this course will be determined by totaling the points you earn on the assignments, job tasks, productions, classwork, quizzes and other assignments given.

    • Homework 5 – 10 pts
    • Classwork 10 – 50 pts
    • Tests or Quizzes 25 – 30 pts
    • Projects. 50 – 100 pts

    Rules & Procedures

    The expectations for this class are based upon what the student would Experience on a production site or Broadcasting job.

    • Respect
    • Show respect for everyone and everything.
    • Integrity
    • Be honest in everything that you do.
    • Work ethic
    • Try your hardest. That's all I ask.
    • Commitment
    • Come to class on time ready to listen, work, and learn.

    If a student violates a class rule, these are the procedures that will be followed:

    • First offense: verbal warning
    • Second offense: student/teacher conference with a written reflection
    • Third offense: parent contact
    • Fourth offense: Referral