Animal Science I

  • Course Requirements

    Course Description:
    Animal Science is a hands-on course that will cover the fundamentals of animal science which includes the major characteristics of animal life, the careers in the animal industry, animal safety and sanitation, ways animals help humans, classification of animals, history and uses of domesticated animals, breeds of the animals, reproduction, nutrition, and animal rights vs. welfare.  Students will be expected to participate in FFA activities and maintain a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE). This is an entry-level course and the Delaware State Standards will be followed closely.  Students in this class should be in the animal science pathway.

    Teacher Objectives:

    • Present a comprehensive course in College Prep Animal Science
    • Develop and maintain an Animal Science curriculum that is aligned with the Delaware Content Standards.
    • Provide a variety of laboratory experiments that will reinforce key concepts.
    • Promote active participation in all class activities.
    • Encourage the development of positive attitudes toward Animal Science.
    • Demonstrate the relevance of Animal Science in everyday life.
    • Uphold the school and classroom policies.

    Student Objectives:

    • Be present and on time for class.
    • Be prepared with appropriate materials (charged iPad, writing utensils)
    • Complete and hand in all assignments on time.
    • Maintain a course notebook that will be kept in the classroom.
    • Become an active learner during class.
    • Develop an appreciation for the relevance of animals in everyday life.
    • Abide by the Cape Henlopen discipline policy, as well as the class rules.

    Grading Policies

    Methods of Teaching and Evaluation:
    There will be a mix of labs, homework, and tests during the semester.  Homework will not be given every day, but you should study the material a little every day to make it easier for yourselves at test time.  Don’t wait until the last minute to study!!!  I expect the best efforts of all the students at all times.  Take an active approach to your learning. Schoology will be an asset to your learning experience!

    Grading: I use point values in my grade book. Students in Animal Science Level 1 will also be expected to clean cages and care for ALL classroom animals as a part of their grade. ALL GRADES WILL BE DISPLAYED ON SCHOOLOGY!

    Note: The key to passing this course is to do all of your work and perform well on classwork.  Do not lose your notebooks or throw away your work. Work with no name or period will be discarded.

    Late Work – unexcused:

    • Labs: Lab grade drops one letter grade for each day it is late.
    • Tests:  May be made up before or after school
    • No late work classwork/homework or labs will be accepted after 5 school days.

    Make-up work – excused:

    (without prior knowledge: i.e. illness)

    • All assignments must be made up.  Everyone is responsible for everything! 
    • You are encouraged to call the Guidance Department to find out what your assignments are in each class.  Call a friend for help.  The general rule of thumb is one day extra for each day of excused absence. Now that students have access to all work, all the time on Schoology there should be no excuses for “unknown assignments”.

    (with prior knowledge:  i.e. driving, sports, Dr. Appt, field trip)

    All assignments are due at the same time as your classmates.  You are expected to stay up with your classmates. A prior knowledge absence must not be used as an excuse to allow you more time to complete an assignment.            

    Bonus work will be given throughout the school year. Items are subject to change from time to time.

    Assignments, Projects, and Labs:
    You must complete your work in order to do well.  Homework points add up and help you practice for tests.  Do not think of it as a pain, but as a way to help you succeed.  Write neatly – I will not give credit for something that cannot be read.  I expect you to do your work.  Don’t copy and cheat!

    Some projects will be required in this class such as presentations of your lab work I will give the details later. 

    Some labs will require formal lab reports.  I will give details later.  The idea is to help you practice communicating what you have done so that others may learn from your work.  Writing and communicating well are valuable in any real-world situation.

    Rules & Procedures

    When you enter the room there will be a warm-up assignment on the board or on Schoology.  You will get points for completing the warm-ups, which are to be turned in when you are asked for them (usually on Friday, or digitally).  Please be patient during the class period.  I am unable to answer all your questions at once.  Raise your hand to ask your questions or for help.  Listen to other students’ questions - You may save yourself some work by listening to the answers.  If you lose your work, then you will receive a zero for the assignment unless you manage to catch up on the work (such as questions from the book before I collect it).  I need time to get scores and assignments back to you so deadlines need can be met and help you stay aware of your performance.  All equipment must be returned to their respective containers or areas as needed.

     I will check the lab equipment before I let you leave the room.  All lab safety rules are to be followed at all times!

    Class Rules & Policies: 

    • Please put forth your best efforts at all times. 
    • Show courtesy toward myself and those around you and prevent yourself from getting into trouble. Don’t throw things, or talk when others are speaking especially me.
    • Get your work done and don’t waste time. Playing around and not completing your work will hurt your grade.  I will deduct points for poor behavior or hand out discipline referrals.
    • Lab safety rules must be followed at all times. No Exceptions!!
    • Ask for help when you need it. (I am usually here after school if you need help, or to make up labs/tests.  Make arrangements ahead of time)
    • Be on time and be prepared 
    • ALL ANIMALS will be treated with respect or you will be removed from the classroom!

    In other words: Be prompt, prepared, productive, polite, and positive!