Animal Science I

  • Course Requirements:

    Course Description

    Each is varied to a certain degree due to the coursework being a pathway. Pathways begin with a Level I class, then proceed to a Level II, the Level III or AP if available. See me or the Guidance office on this.

    Grading Policies:

    Approximate grade breakdown:

    • 40-50% Tests/Quizzes
    • 20-25% Labs
    • 20-25% Homework
    • Notebooks will be checked periodically as part of your homework grade.
    • Midterm and Final exams -15% of final semester grades – All students need to take it.

    Late Work – unexcused:

    • Labs: Lab grade drops one letter grade for each day it is late.
    • Tests: May be made up before or after school.
    • No late work classwork/homework or labs will be accepted after 5 school days.

    Late Work – excused: (without prior knowledge: i.e. illness)

    • All assignments must be made up. Everyone is responsible for everything!
    • You are encouraged to call the Guidance Department to find out what your assignments are in each class. Call a friend for help. The general rule of thumb is one day extra for each day of excused absence.

    Late Work – excused: (with prior knowledge: i.e. driving, sports, Dr. Appt, field trip

    All assignments are due at the same time as your classmates. You are expected to stay up with your colleagues. A prior knowledge absence must not be used as an excuse to allow you more time to complete an assignment. Again, use your buddy system to help you.

    Bonus Work

    will be issued in this manner: Bonus work will only be permitted after you have completed your assignments. 5 points will be given for science articles that are obtained from magazines, newspapers, or the internet about horticulture. Each article must be accompanied by a summary which is no less than ½ page of neat legible writing. (DO NOT STRETCH YOUR WRITING OUT TO USE SPACE). You may bring the article and have it returned, if necessary in order to preserve your source of the article otherwise I get to keep the articles. 10 points will be issued if the author presents a summary of the article in front of the class along with a written summary. A maximum of one article may be done per week for a maximum total of 80 possible points for each nine-week marking period. No bonus articles may be done during the last week of each marking period. Absences have no effect on this policy - no make-ups.

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Please put forth your best efforts at all times.
    • Show courtesy toward myself and those around you and prevent yourself from getting into trouble. Don’t throw things, or talk when others are speaking especially me.
    • Get your work done and don’t waste time. Playing around and not completing your work will hurt your grade. I will deduct points for poor behavior or write you up.
    • Lab safety rules must be followed at all times. Greenhouse and outdoor work experiences are considered lab work. No Exceptions!!