Exploring Business Communications II

  • Grade 8: Exploring Business Communications II

    Course Description: This course has been designed to familiarize students with computer systems, Microsoft Excel, personal financial management, and Delaware Child Labor law. Students in this course will learn to create spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft Excel. Emphasis will be placed on formatting, editing, creating formulas, proofing, and properly saving and sending work.

    Course Objectives/Goals/Targets: Students in this course will:

      • Create, open, and view an Excel workbook. 
      • Save and print workbooks. 
      • Enter and edit data. 
      • Modify an Excel worksheet/workbook. 
      • Work with cell references. 
      • Learn to use functions and formulas. 
      • Create and edit charts and graphs. 
      • Filter and sort table data. 
      • Learn personal financial management techniques
        • Borrowing
        • Budgeting
        • Setting Goals
        • Spending
      • Understand Delaware Child Labor Law
      • Demonstrate college and career readiness. 

    Text Materials and Resources: 

      • Microsoft Office Fundamentals:  Story and Walls
      • Banzai Financial Literacy

    Scope and Sequence:

      • Grade 9: Business, Finance, and Marketing Essentials