• Grade 6: Keyboarding

    Course Description:  This course familiarizes students with business computer systems and related software. Students will focus on the use and functions of the Google Suite of Internet applications as well as beginning their journey with the Microsoft Office Suite of software utilizing PowerPoint. Students will learn to effectively produce and distribute professional quality products for the school and workplace. Emphasis will be placed on keying, formatting, editing, proofing, and properly saving and sending work.

    Course Objectives/Goals/Targets: Students in this course will be able to...

      • Demonstrate basic computer knowledge and ethics.
      • Utilize Google Docs word processing application to edit and format documents.
      • Utilize Google Sheets to edit and format spreadsheets. 
      • Utilize Google Forms to create surveys.
      • Utilize Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations.
      • Demonstrate college and career readiness.

    Text Materials and Resources: 

      • Using Google Docs in the Classroom (Grades 6-8): TCR 2931
      • Microsoft Office Fundamentals:  Story and Walls

    Scope and Sequence:

      • Grade 7: Exploring Business Communications I
      • Grade 8: Exploring Business Communications II