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6th Grade Language Arts & Math

  • Course Requirements

    The Language Arts and Math curriculum focuses on grade 6. Student’s assignments will be modified based on Common Core Content Standards as well as individual goals and objectives as per IEP. I will teach the students and learn through hands-on experiences. Learning activities will include projects that the students will work on both in school and at home.  For example, each marking period students will choose a novel on their independent reading level and work on a project relating to it. 

    Grading Policy

    Language Arts:

    • Exams are 40%
    • Tasks are 20%
    • Classwork is 30%
    • Homework is 10%


    • Classwork  (warmups, binder checks, group work, teamwork, etc) – each assignment will be 10-40 points
    • Homework – each assignment will be 0-10 points
    • Quizzes – each quiz will be 40 – 60 points
    • Tests  - each test will be 70-100 point

    The grading scale is as follows: A=93-100%, B=85-92%, C=75-84%, D=70-74%, F=below 70%

    Rules & Procedures

    Absences and late work:

    • Expected student absence –1 day; 0 penalty
    • Unexpected absences -2 days to make up; 0 penalty
    • Late assignments will be accepted within 2 weeks of the due date. Students will only receive ½ full credit 

    All classwork, homework, test, and quiz grades are posted on a regular basis in Eschool plus. If you don't have an access number or you lost it, please call the office so you can have up to date information on your current average for class! 

    *** Track your progress and keep up with your work!***

    Classroom Respectful Agreements created by the students and myself.

    1. Respect others and their property
    2. Come to class on time, prepared, ready to learn and give the best effort.
    3. Be attentive and participate in class
    4. Be responsible with assignments
    5. Be positive and have fun while learning