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  • Trevor Bradshaw, Social Studies
    Phone: (302) 645-7711

    My name is Trevor Bradshaw and I have been a high school teacher in Delaware since 2009. I have taught at Sussex Central High School, Woodbridge High School, POLYTECH High School, and now Cape Henlopen High School.  I was born and raised in Madison, New Jersey, where I graduated high school.  I attended Johns Hopkins University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with a minor in Spanish Language and Culture in 2005.  I received certification to teach both Secondary Spanish and Secondary Social Studies, and Icompleted a Master of Arts in Secondary Teaching from Wilmington University in 2013. I have taught Spanish Levels I-III, Civics, Psychology, Criminal Justice, US History, Geography, and AP World History throughout my career. 
    My wife Jennifer Bradshaw is an 8th-grade science teacher at Beacon Middle School, and we live in Lewes with our three children, Joseph, Maxwell, and Madison.  In my free time I enjoy reading, playing volleyball, paddleboarding, and going to the beach with my family. 

U.S. History

  • Course Requirements

    US History Course Description
    This is a survey course in American History taught to eleventh-grade students who study America’s past to learn about their nation’s history and to appreciate their responsibilities as free individuals faced with the challenge of shaping the future of their society. Students will study the political, cultural, social, economic, and religious developments in the U.S. from 1865 to the present. This course utilizes instructional techniques and learning methods that will help students acquire an in-depth knowledge of our history. Research papers, presentations, oral and written reports, and class participation along with higher-order thinking will be required. Students will be expected to apply this knowledge and present arguments in a debate format.  This course is aligned to the Delaware State Social Studies Standards and is required for graduation.
    Unit 1: Civil War and Reconstruction
    Unit 2: Industrialization and Urbanization
    Unit 3: Progressivism
    Unit 4: American Overseas Expansion
    Unit 5: The Great Depression and the New Deal
    Unit 6: Entry into the Second World War
    Unit 7: The Cold War and Containment
    Unit 8: Expansion of Civil Liberties
    Unit 9: Building Contemporary America 
    Class Materials
    Charged iPad
    Notebook - three-ring binder or a spiral and folder
    Writing Utensil (black or blue ink pen or pencil)

    Grading Policy

    1. There will be two assignment categories for this course:
      • Tests – this category includes all assessments (quizzes, tests, projects) and counts for 60% of your marking period grade.
      • Classwork – this category includes all assignments that are given in class and counts for 40% of your marking period grade.
    2. All assignments are expected to be completed by the assigned due date. Due dates will always be posted in Schoology for assignments.  Appropriate class time will be given to complete assignments, and due dates will generally be the start of the following class period.  Work that is not completed in class will need to be completed at home – so use class time wisely and don’t give yourself homework!
    3. It is the student’s responsibility to make up work due to absence from class in a timely manner before school or after school by appointment or during homeroom periods.

    Rules & Procedures

    1. Abide by rules in the Cape Henlopen High School code of conduct.
    2. Respect your classroom and all of the people in it.  Our classroom belongs to all of us, and we should all feel safe and comfortable in it.
    3. Be in your seat and begin working on the day’s warm-up when the bell rings.  Always check the front board when you arrive to class.
    4. Be a part of the learning environment rather than just existing in the learning environment.
    5. ASK QUESTIONS, TAKE RISKS, AND DON’T BE SCARED TO MAKE MISTAKES. If you happen to fail, figure out what went wrong, learn from it, and try again until you succeed.