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Spanish World Language

  • Español: una exploración

    Course Description

    Welcome to Exploratory Spanish! This is a 9-week course intended to educate students in a world language and culture in order to make them knowledgeable, active members of a global society. Students will learn to use basic Spanish in meaningful communication, emphasizing real-life situations. The objectives for Exploratory Spanish incorporate the four skills fundamental to language learning: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as intercultural awareness.

    Enduring Understandings

    • As the world moves towards a global community, it is increasingly important to be able to communicate in languages other than English.
    • It is important to understand the cultural perspectives that generate patterns of behavior, ways of life, worldviews, and contributions.
    • Proficiency in a foreign language is a vehicle to gaining knowledge that can only be acquired through that language and its culture.
    • The study of a foreign language enables students to develop insights into the nature of language and culture.
    • Learning a foreign language enables an individual to participate in multilingual communities. 

    Classroom and Remote Learning Expectations

    Students are expected to do work that reflects the honest effort and personal, independent thinking. Incidents of cheating will result in the notification of parents, administration, guidance counselors, and applicable coaches/club sponsors. Disciplinary action will follow. To this end, students are not permitted to use online translators or rely on native speakers and advanced language learners for assignment completion. Students may use for single-word translations and verb conjugations if necessary.

    Promises: Sra. Seufert makes the following promises to her students and requests that they promise the same to her and to each other in return.

    I promise...

    • to keep the Exploratory Spanish a safe place
    • to be on time and well-prepared for each class
    • to show respect for everyone and their belongings
    • that I will continue to learn
    • to treat every day as a new day 

    Respect Agreement

    • Treat each other fairly
    • Respect and REsponsibility
    • A safe place to learn
    • Classroom Community
    • The student has the right to learn and the student has the right to teach.

    Affirmation: Access our class in Schoology and complete the Syllabus Affirmation. In doing so, you are acknowledging receipt of this syllabus. You are also agreeing to its contents.