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  • Deeds
    Access this web site for information about Delaware teacher certification requirements.

    Salary Increments
    Procedures for salary increments has changed.  The department of education now requires all requests be entered online, by the employee, through the DEEDS website.  Once the employee enters the request, the employee must submit all official transcripts and necessary paperwork to the Human Resources department for processing.  The Human Resources department will then submit all necessary paperwork and online processing to DOE.

    Praxis Test
    PRAXIS is a set of rigorous and carefully validated assessments that provide accurate and reliable information for use by state education agencies when making licensing decisions. 

    Designed for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals, this assessment measures skills and knowledge in the areas of reading, math, and writing, and the ability to apply those skills to assist classroom instruction. 

    Delaware Code - Title 14
    Click on the link above to view an online version of Delaware Code Title 14, which contains rules and regulations regarding public education. 

    Delaware Licenses
    The DEEDS website contains information about Delaware's credential system, including initial, continuing, and advanced licenses.

    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

    National Board for Certification of School Nurses

    National Board for Certified Counselors

    National Association of School Psychologists