• Below are the forms required to enroll your child in the Cape Henlopen School District, as well as a checklist of required documents to provide your child's school upon enrollment. If you have any questions about which school your child will be attending, please visit the School Boundaries page by clicking here. Specific questions about enrollment and registration can then be directed to the secretary at the appropriate school. All enrollment forms must be delivered to your child's school and signed in-person. 

    If you are registering your child for attendance at Cape Henlopen High School, please be aware that registration hours are from 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Thursday.  The parent or legal guardian is required to visit the school in person to register the student.  Please bring ALL required documents at that time.  If partial documentation is received, and it becomes necessary for the registration office to contact the previous school for pertinent information, the enrollment process cannot proceed until ALL information is obtained.

    Enrollment packet or individual enrollment forms can be filled out electronically and printed or can be downloaded, printed and handwritten. If filling out the forms by hand, please make sure you print legibly.

Enrollment Packet with Checklist