• Thank you for visiting our School Nurses page! Below you will find general information with resources and forms from the District School Nurses. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your child's school nurse directly using the contact information below, or visit the individual school's student services, school nurse page. 

School Nurse Contact Information

Name Building Email Phone
Bethanne Mills Sussex Consortium bethanne.mills@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-7210
Bobbie Redefer District Office bobbie.redefer@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-7210
Christine Sutherland Beacon Middle School christine.sutherland@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-6288
Jennifer Passwaters Rehoboth Elementary jennifer.passwaters@cape.k12.de.us (302) 227-2571
Karen Neuwirth H.O. Brittingham Elementary karen.neuwirth@cape.k12.de.us (302) 684-8522
Kathy Shook Mariner Middle School kathy.shook@cape.k12.de.us (302) 684-5602
Lara Booth Milton Elementary lara.booth@cape.k12.de.us (302) 684-2516
Linda Fisher Sussex Consortium linda.fisher@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-7210
Mary Stuart Love Creek Elementary mary.stuart@cape.k12.de.us (302) 703-3456
Robin Hurlock Cape Henlopen High School robin.hurlock@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-7711
Rosalyn Daisey Lewes Elementary rosalyn.daisey@cape.k12.de.us (302) 645-7748

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