• Help Us, Help Our Students

    Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, the District will no longer allow classroom cupcakes for birthday celebrations.

    What?! Did you say NO CUPCAKES?!

    We sure did! At Cape, we’re committed to doing our part to help students to live a healthy lifestyle, and to become smarter and happier! It has been proven that good nutrition and regular physical activity directly correlate with positive and successful students in the classroom.

    But, how will my child celebrate their birthday with classmates?

    Fear not! We have solutions!

    Our Health and Wellness Committee has identified other options that students love and enjoy just as much as cupcakes! Below is a list of approved activities that students are permitted to participate in and share with classmates for birthday celebrations. This list can also be found on our District website under the Wellness Policy and Plan page (Student Services tab). In addition to the list on the right, our teachers may also have other great ideas on how they plan to celebrate birthdays in the classroom with their students.

    Thank you for your support and for helping us provide our students, and your child, with a healthy today and an even healthier tomorrow!

Birthday "Menu" - Younger Students

  • Computer Time

  • Dance Party

  • Extra Recess

  • Guest Read Aloud

  • Painting Time

  • Show and Tell

  • Teacher Helper

Birthday "Menu" - Older Students

  • Classroom Helper

  • Craft/Activity

  • Joke Teller

  • Play a Game

  • Read Aloud

  • Read to the Class

  • Seat Change

  • Teacher Helper

  • VIP Basket

  • YouTube Video