Contact Information

About Ms. Hoffman

  • As a graduate from the U of D with a Master’s Degree in Special Education, I have had the opportunity to work at H.O. Brittingham Elementary in many roles.  All of these roles have allowed for educating students with various disabilities.  Currently, I am working as a “Resource” teacher for grades 3-5, while also assisting the grade 3 staff in the regular classroom setting. 

    My passions include Reading, Camping, Exercising,  and training our “Service/Emotional Support” dogs to visit with our students while being read to and walked throughout the school grounds.  This program has encouraged our students to work towards (and often master!) any academic or behavioral goals! Once a goal is mastered, the students are able to “earn” their visits and walks with “Bandit, Justice, or Nellie!”

Classroom Rules

  • Classroom rules are based on an “earn” system where all students focus on individual goals (academic or behavioral) and, once mastered, decide what they would like to earn for that specific goal.  Rewards include, but are not limited to,  visits with the Service dogs (most popular choice!),  lunch with their teacher, a free book, one night’s homework pass, visits to other classrooms, etc.  Once a goal is mastered,  my students and I spend individual time discussing their next goal! This has been a very successful approach for my students as they experience challenges as well as pride when working on their personal goals!