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Accounting and Computer Science

  • Course Requirements:  All Accounting and Computer Science Pathway students must have Business Essentials as a prerequisite to complete the designated pathway.

    Accounting Pathway

    • Accounting 2 --  can be taken as an elective in any career pathway
    • Accounting 3 -- Accounting 2
    • Accounting 4 -- Accounting 3

    Computer Science Pathway

    • Exploring Computer Science -- can be taken as an elective in any career pathway
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Computer Science A

    Grading Policies:

    Students earn points based on the total possible points available for an assignment.  Classwork, quizzes, projects, tests, and participation are assigned points based on the complexity of the assignment.  Points are deducted for lateness, incorrectness, and non-participation.

    Rules & Procedures:

    As an employee would be on the job, the expectations for a business classroom are the same.  Students are to be:

    Prompt  --  showing up on time
    Prepared  --  ready to work
    Polite  --  courteous with co-workers and supervisors
    Productive  --  work from starting to quitting times
    Positive  --  encourage and motivate to get things done

    Unfortunately, if a student violates a class rule here are the procedures that will be followed:

    1. First offense: verbal warning
    2. Second offense: student/teacher conference with a written reflection
    3. Third offense: parent contact
    4. Referral