Valhalla Yearbook

  • Course Requirements

    Course Description
    This course will provide you the opportunity to expand your creative, entrepreneurial, marketing, and journalistic skills in the endeavor of creating, promoting, and selling a yearbook. This course will cover the multiple facets of running a business organization and conducting all the various functions of an entrepreneurial digital and print publication.

    Grading Policies

    Students will be exposed to a variety of different summative and formative assessments.  Different chapters may focus on different types of final products.  For example, a chapter may utilize a large final project as opposed to a chapter test.  The weights of each type of assessment are listed below.

    Summative Assessments     

    Tests, Quizzes, and Summative Projects         40% of grade

    Formative Assessments       

    Classwork and Formative Projects                  40% of grade              

    Miscellaneous Tasks                                      20% of grade (Warm-ups, Homework, Etc.)

    Final Exams and Midterm Exams are worth 15% of Final Grade