Marketing Management 2

  • Course Requirements

    Course Description
    This course will provide you with an introductory understanding of the core pillars of marketing and advertising. In this course, the student shall investigate the economy, free enterprise, legal and ethical issues and how these things shape the way we do business and manage the marketing and advertising of those business activities.

    Grading Policies

    Students will be exposed to a variety of different summative and formative assessments.  Different chapters may focus on different types of final products.  For example, a chapter may utilize a large final project as opposed to a chapter test.  The weights of each type of assessment are listed below.

    Summative Assessments     

    Tests, Quizzes, and Summative Projects         40% of grade

    Formative Assessments       

    Classwork and Formative Projects                  40% of grade              

    Miscellaneous Tasks                                      20% of grade (Warm-ups, Homework, Etc.) 

    Final Exams and Midterm Exams are worth 15% of Final Grade