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  • Student Expectations

    All classroom rules and procedures should be followed.

    Students are expected to commit to learning, understanding, defining, and applying basic introductory business knowledge by answering specific teacher supplied Essential Questions.

    Classroom Expectations

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
    • Be respectful of all people; both students and adults.
    • Listen when others are speaking.
    • Raise your hand to be recognized before asking a question or leaving your seat.
    • Come prepared to class.


    • Students are to enter the room in a timely and appropriate manner and begin working on the bell-ringer.
    • Before leaving the class the students should check the floor to remove any trash or miscellaneous items, pack their materials up, return any borrowed materials, and push their chair in.

     **The TEACHER dismisses the class, not the bell**

    • Students are to remain in their seat until the bell! Do not line up at the doors or leave your seat prior.
    • Students are responsible for requesting any assignments they may have missed during absences.  The students are to ask for these assignments after or before class begins, not during. Students may need to schedule time after school to get caught up on instruction missed during the absence.
    • Students must receive a signed note to leave the class for any reason.  This includes just going down the hall.  The students are to prepare the note in pen and have the teacher sign it. 

    Technology Usage

    All students are expected to sign the ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY in order to use the technology at the high school.

    Cell Phone Policy…(Acceptable Use Agreement)

    Students who use cell phones, in violation of any provision of the CHSD Board Policy on Personal Equipment, will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Cape Henlopen High School Student Code of Conduct.

    Cell Phone Procedure

    • If the student does not comply with the teacher request to keep cell phones on silent and put away OUT OF SIGHT…
      • 1st Offense –Cell phone is to be collected and taken the phone to the main office.
        • Student may be able to retrieve the phone at end of the day.
      • 2nd Offense – Same procedures described above in 1st Offense and….
        • Collick or Mr. Blackburn will contact parent or guardian.
        • Parent or guardian must come and pick up the phone.
      • 3rd Offense – Same procedures described in 1st Offense and…
        • Student Referral will be completed by Mr. Dmiterchik.

    Make-Up Work Policy

    It is imperative you attend class daily. In the event you are absent, you should check Schoology or with another student in the class to get any work you may have missed due to your absence. You will have to make up the work on your own time, however, and will not be excused from the current day’s assignments and activities.

    Required Material

    All materials including books, classroom materials (pens/pencils/paper etc.) and homework must be brought to class.  NO ONE  will be permitted to leave the class to obtain these items.