AP Environmental Science

  • Course Requirements:

    Course Description

    Each is varied to a certain degree due to the coursework being a pathway. Pathways begin with a Level I class, then proceed to a Level II, the Level III or AP if available. See me or Guidance office on this.

    Grading Policies:

    The approximate grade breakdown will be as follows:

    • 50% Tests and quizzes
    • 25% Labs and activities
    • 25% Outlines, current event article summaries, homework

    Grading scale will be according to the school scale: 0-69% = F, 70-74%=D, 75-84% = C, 85-92% = B, 93-100% = A

    Make-up work for absences:

    • Unexcused – will not be accepted.
    • Excused – will be accepted one day later for each day missed. Assignments due with prior knowledge of being absent (sporting events, performances, etc.) need to be turned in before or the day that they are due.

    Rules & Procedures:

    • Please put forth your best efforts at all times.
    • Show courtesy toward myself and those around you and prevent yourself from getting into trouble. Don’t throw things, or talk when others are speaking especially me.
    • Get your work done and don’t waste time. Playing around and not completing your work will hurt your grade. I will deduct points for poor behavior or write you up.
    • Lab safety rules must be followed at all times. Greenhouse and outdoor work experiences are considered a lab work. No Exceptions!!